Atheist Is Not Synonymous With Addict?

One common thought that the majority of adults hold is that Atheists have loose morals. People tend to think that because someone is an Atheist they are more likely to indulge in things that are frowned upon by those with high standards. This is not the case. Atheism and having morals are too separate entity’s. Just because someone is an Atheist, doesn’t mean that they are automatically addicted to sex, drugs, and alcohol. Although, some trends do seem to suggest that.

First, let’s talk about sex. Many know that those who believe in God have the belief that sex is bad before marriage. Therefore, there are some that stay away from it until then. The reality though is that most people have sex before marriage and don’t really care what God things about it. Not everyone, but some. Therefore, the same goes for Atheists. Of course, they don’t have to worry about the fact that God will smite them if they have premarital sex. That does not mean that all Atheists go out and sleep with everyone. They also have morals. Some still believe that they want to be in love first or they want to wait till the right time. Being an Atheist is not synonymous with being a sex addict.

Next up is drugs and alcohol. Again, people who believe in a religion, no matter what it is, tend to all think that God frowns about drugs and alcohol. There are teachings and laws that are against in indulging in such behaviors. They are considered “sinful.” Now, just because an Atheist doesn’t have to worry about committing a sin, doesn’t mean that they all go out and abuse drugs and alcohol. Of course, it might increase the possibility. Atheists still worry about the dangers, the health risks, and the costs of drugs and alcohol. They consider other things aside from whether or not it’s a sin like other religions think.

Overall, the possibility could be increased for atheists to indulge in these behaviors. Addiction is a strong word though and I wouldn’t say that they are addicted. The likeliness is increased because they don’t have to worry about committing a sin but it’t not always true. It’s not right to group all atheists into one category and say they’re a bunch of sex, alcohol, and drug addicts. Again, it all comes down to personal choice. Atheists could find things wrong with these behaviors other than the fact that they are sinful.

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