Atheism and Las Vegas Escorts

Hiring an escort in Las Vegas is extremely common. Preferences regarding male and female escorts are nearly equal. A rise in nationwide Atheistic belief has contributed to the popularity of hiring Las Vegas escorts, as well as, the choice to enter the escort occupation.Atheism is the personal philosophy centered on earthly living as the final, and most poignant aspect of life. This belief is counter to any structured traditional, or spiritual believe. It maintains that the human experience is the end-all to all knowledge. If hiring and escort, or being an escort is against the tenants of any religion, Atheism attempts to negate these taboos. Hiring, or working as an escort in a city like Las Vegas is perfectly acceptable with an Atheistic outlook. Since Atheism suggests that the human experience is the final authority on all actions, there is no moral or ethical roadblock between humans following their impulses. This includes following an appetite for carnal pleasure.Atheism has grown significantly in the United States in the past fifty years. In 1962, census statistics show that as much as 93% of Americas identified as belonging to a religious order, while 2% did not. In 2012, the numbers shifted to 78% religious and 19% non-religious respectively. Atheism is the major influence of the non-religious group.Some Atheists following their “non-belief” to the extreme, and become dependent on certain substances and lifestyle behaviors. Because the Atheist philosophy does not include a deistic, or religious moral weight, these dependencies are considered no more than strong physiological and biological reactions to stimuli. Sex, drug use, and mainstream club affinity is seen as neither positive, nor negative. Without the accountability of morals from a deity, or religious organization, Atheism does not place emotive, or spiritual importance on the lifestyle in which escorts operate.Religious groups like Islam are adamantly opposed to the hiring-of escorts, and working in the adult industries as an escort. The Koranic texts place all sex trades in the category of abominable sin. With an ingrained sense of morality, a person like a Las Vegas escort is not only considered to be corrupt and sinful, but embodies the Islamic definition of evil. Strict codes and behaviors are described in Islamic texts regarding the carnal relationships between men and women. All sexual activity must be sanctified in some way, so the nature of an escort is, in all ways, opposed to the Islamic sense of sexuality. The edicts of Islam not only warn their followers to stay away from non-sanctified relations, but also advocate forms of violence against it.Places like Las Vegas have benefited from the escort industry for decades. Based on mainstream trends, this industry will probably take root in regions outside of the State of Nevada. Atheistic threads which advocate the absence of judgment on traditionally cloaked lifestyles, are spreading in the United States. Along with other world events, escort services have less and less of a negative connotation in many places.